12 days of DIY crochet gift giving 2014: Day 3

Originally posted December 3, 201410:15 PM MST
Free hat pattern
Acquanetta Ferguson
This pattern is a great pattern that is unisex in nature making this your new go to hat to make for gift giving all year long.
The hat should fit 21’-23’ and if needed can use a smaller or larger hook as needed.
This should take between 1.5 – 2.5 hours to complete depending on your skill level.
Pattern is written in US crochet terms. This pattern gives you PERMISSION TO SELL your finished items. It is appreciated if you credit the design to Acquanetta Ferguson and to list the pattern link.
5 sts = 2’
3 rows = 2’
Red Heart Super Saver Charcoal
H hook
Tapestry Needle
Stitches used:
Single Crochet - sc
Double Crochet – dc
Back Loop Only - blo
Round 1 With H hook, ch 3, then 12 dc in in 3rd ch from hook. No sl st just keep going around the hat. (12 dc)
Round 2 2 dc blo in each stitch around. (24 dc)
Round 3 *Dc blo in next stitch, 2 dc blo in next stitch,* repeat from * around. (36 dc)
Round 4 *Dc blo in next 2 stitches, 2 dc blo in next stitch* repeat from * around. (48 dc)
Round 5 *Dc blo in next 3 stitches, 2 dc blo in next stitch, repeat from * around. (60 dc).
Round 6 *Dc blo in next 4 stitches, 2 dc blo in next stitch* repeat from * around. (72 dc)
Round 7 - 16 Dc blo in each stitch around. (72 dc).
Round 17 *Dc blo in next 4 stitches, dc dec blo in next stitch* repeat from * around. (60 dc)
Round 18 – 19 Dc blo in each stitch around. (60 dc)
Round 20 Sc in each stitch around. (60 sc)
Fasten off and weave in ends.


  1. this looks like something I can manage, i like that you say two Caron Cakes. I bought a bunch of them when they first came out but only one of each. I'm no good with colors so I'm looking for suggestions on which colorways go together. Right now I have Macaroon and Buttercream. One is bright colors and the other is neutral off-white/cream/light grey.

    1. Hi, was this for the baby blanket I posted? lol Just wanted to be sure. And yes it was 2 cakes, and it also makes a perfect lapghan as well. Buttercream would work with almost any color because it is neutral and makes a great base from what I've seen in other people's work.

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  3. Thank you so much for this pattern! I made one for myself and my daughter loved it so much I'm now making her one! Plans for a couple as presents this year! Thabks again!

  4. I'm having a bit of trouble with the number of stitches I am supposed to have. In round 3, we are to Dc blo in next stitch, 2 dc blo in next stitch,* repeat from * around. (36 dc).

    Does that mean we crochet until we have made 12 new stitches? (24+12=36) or do we 2dc blo for every other stitch? it just feels like if i dc blo I'm gonna end up with more than 36 stitches. Thank you! Any help would be great!!

    1. Yes you are increasing and I swear if you continue with this round it will add up to 36 stitches total. :) If you want, you can do a sl st and then a ch 3 st the start of each round if that will make it easier for you. The ch 3 of course would count as a dc stitch.

  5. Round 17 has me a bit confused... is it a repeat of round 6 only with 60 total stitches? Dc dec block is what’s hanging me up. What’s dec?

  6. I had to use an 8mm to achieve gauge, but now the beanie seems like it'll be very holey and loose. Is that how it's supposed to be?

  7. Ive made so many of these I have this pattern memorized lol


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