Crochet pattern: Finding that perfect hat to crochet

Originally posted May 15, 201210:42 PM MST
Different views of the hat
Different views of the hat
Acquanetta Ferguson
I was searching for a mesh hat to crochet on ravelry, and I came across a pattern called the Martha Hat and Gloves set. But the designer has taken all of her patterns down and they are no longer available. But after looking at the hats that folks have crocheted, I realized that it is similar to my own mesh beanie I designed.
Acquanetta Ferguson
This sometimes happen when designing a pattern, there are no original ones, or rather there are similar designs running rampant on ravelry, other crochet websites, and pattern books.
So I designed another mesh hat, called the Ay'Mani Hat and named after my niece, one that is similar to the Martha Hatand my own Spring Mesh slouch hat. I used cotton yarn though any yarn could be used with a nice drape. I also used a bow for an embellishment instead of a flower, though anything from buttons, flowers, or anything you can think of to add a little more girlie flair. Or you can just not add anything and leave it as is.
This hat could be adjusted for a little girl by using a smaller hook, fewer rows and a different yarn like a DK weight or a baby yarn.
Please do not post this pattern on your website or take it as your own. I ask that you instead link to my page, which will help with internet karma. Mainly yours. Of course you can sell anything you make from this pattern.
Ay'Mani Hat Pattern
  • Peaches and Crème Burgundy (I used a little over 80 yards give or take. So one whole skein and a little of a second skein)
  • J hook
  • H hook
Stitches and terms used:
  • Slip Stitch – sl st
  • Space - sp
  • Half Double Crochet - hdc
  • Back Loop Only – blo
  • Single crochet decrease – scdec
  • Single crochet – sc
Magic circle or chain 4, sl st to form a circle. Please note that this hat is seamless (well the body of the hat) and will just continue around. You may want to use markers for the beginning round to keep count.
Rnd 1 – Ch 3 (counts as first hdc and ch-1) and do a total of 7 hdc ch-1 st in the ring. 8 hdc
Rnd 2 – Hdc ch-1 hdc ch-1 in each ch-1 sp of previous round, repeat this around. 16 hdc
Rnd 3 – Hdc ch-1 hdc ch-1 in ch-1 sp, *hdc ch-1 in next ch-1 sp, hdc ch-1 hdc ch-1 in next ch-1 sp* repeat around. 24 hdc
Rnd 4 - *Hdc ch-1 hdc ch-1 in next ch-1 sp, 2 hdc ch-1 in next 2 sp* repeat around. 32 hdc
Rnd 5 – *Hdc ch-1 hdc ch-1 in ch-1 sp, 3 hdc ch-1 in next 3 ch-1 sp* repeat around. 40 hdc
Rnd 6 -19 - Hdc ch-1 around. 40 hdc
Switch to smaller hook:
Rnd 20 – Ch 1 scdec in first stitch, *sc in next 5 stitches, scdec*, repeat around sl st in ch-1
Rnd 21 – 23 – Ch 1 sc in blo around sl st in ch-1. Fasten off after round 23.
Optional bowtie attachment:
Chain 16
Row 1 - Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across. Ch 1, turn. 15 sc
Row 2 - Sc across in blo. Ch 1, turn. 15 sc
Row 3 - 5 repeat row 2. Do not fasten off.
Sc around and fasten off. Take some of the yarn and wrap it around the middle of the bowtie making sure to be centered and making sure you leave a long tail. Add the bowtie to the hat. Voila your very own mesh hat.

© 2012 Acquanetta Ferguson, All rights reserved.


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