Designing 101 – Basics steps to designing a pattern for a hat

Originally Posted June 30, 20124:16 PM MST
There comes a time when coming up with your own pattern is needed. Maybe you see a pattern for a hat and think I can do something different or make the pattern easier to understand. Sometimes it becomes necessary because there are no patterns available for the hat you want.
Different ways to wear the hat
Acquanetta Ferguson
In this column I will give you some basic tools to help you design a simple beanie, but regardless you can definitely run with this idea and virtually come up with anything.
First thing is to make sure your tools available. For me a measuring tape is key when making a hat because not everyone will have the same size head. For example, I take the measuring tape and use it to wrap around my head and come up with 22”, which seems quite average.
Next you will want to have the yarn you will use as well as the crochet hook for the project.
Now for the pattern I created I wanted to crochet the hat from the bottom up instead of top down, because I wanted to emulate a knitted hat in style without actually having to learn how to knit.
So because my head is 22” I chained 90 using a sport weight yarn (size 3) and G Hook (4.25mm) and I knew it was 90 because I had my measuring tape to help. The chain method I used is foundation half double crochet, which is both the regular chain stich as well as the next step the half double crochet.
Once I have the appropriate number I then join the yarn to form a circle. From this point on I crochet in a spiral to avoid a visible seam line and crochet until that hat measures 10” in length.
The next step I used was to close the top of the hat effectively giving my crochet hat an almost knitted look which is what I was going for.
Some designers crochet a gauge swatch which can help others try to come up with the same stitch look, but I opted not to do that with this hat.
Head sizes in general vary, but here is a fast and dirty list to get you going:
  • Teens – male/female
  • Hat height 9”-10" (though this can vary on the type of hat you are making)
  • Head Circumference: 20.5" - 22"
  • Adult Woman
  • Head Circumference: 21.5" - 22.5"
  • Adult Man
  • Head Circumference: 23" - 24"
For babies the size can range from 14” to 19” and a child from 20” to 20.5”.
See below for the full pattern, and keep in mind this is just a model for you to go forth and create your own.
  • Gala mixed fiber – Lilac/Taupe tweed or any sport worsted weight size 3 yarn.
  • G hook
Stitches and terms used:
  • Slip Stitch – sl st
  • Chain – ch
  • Half-double crochet – hdc
Foundation hdc 90 and sl st to first hdc, making sure not to tangle, to form a ring.
Ch 2, and hdc around in each stitch, in a spiral until the hat measures 10”.
To close the top, I went here where she shows you how to achieve that gathered look at the top. Once complete, weave in all ends and fasten off.
That’s it, a very simple pattern, but I think gives that nice look to a slouchy hat.

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  1. The video that shows how to close is no longer available. Maybe write out the instructions?


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