Free crochet pattern: Cat ear beanie

Originally Posted January 14, 20166:20 AM MST

Cat Beanie
Cat Beanie
Acquanetta Ferguson
This is the perfect beanie that is quick and easy to make. It is made so that the “ears” are defined to give it more authenticity.
The time to complete this beanie will depend on your level expertise. You can expect no more than 2 hours of your time. This beanie is easily adjustable, but as written should fit 20-22 inch head.
Red Heart Super Saver in your color of choice.
H hook
Tapestry needle
Round 1 With H hook, foundation double crochet 60 stitches (or the number to fit your head), then slip stitch to form a ring. (60 dc)
Round 2 Ch. 2, then double crochet in the back loop only. Slip Stitch in ch 2. (60 dc)
Round 3 - 11 Repeat round 2. (60 dc)
Cut a very long tail, then turn the hat inside out. To have defined ears, push the sides of the hat in (the top of the hat that is open) and from the right side facing you, single crochet the top together and once completed, pull the hat back to the right side, you will see that the ears are defined. Now you can finish the ears by slip stitching or whip stitching the top of the ears closed. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Here is a video to see how to do the ears: Cat Ears
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