Free crochet pattern: The Ridgley slouch

Originally posted April 10, 20157:28 PM MST
free pattern
free pattern
Acquanetta Ferguson
This pattern is an interesting style that can be worn by a woman or a man. The sideways construction gives this hat an appealing visual appeal.
The hat should take 4-6 hours to complete. Depending on how many rows you complete it can fit a teen to an adult female/male.
Pattern is written in US crochet terms. This pattern gives you PERMISSION TO SELL your finished items. It is appreciated if you credit the design to Acquanetta Ferguson and to list the pattern link.
8 dc = 2”
4 rows = 2”
F hook
Red Heart Soft Chocolate
Tapestry Needle
Stitched used:
Slip Stitch – sl st
Single Crochet – sc
Half Double Crochet – hdc
Double Crochet – dc
Back Loop Only - blo
With F hook, ch 36
Row 1 Dc in 3rd ch from hook (make sure to do dc in the hump of the ch), dc in next 25 ch, 4 hdc, 2 sc, 2 sl. ch 1 turn. 34 stitches
Row 2 2 sl st blo, 2 sc blo, 4 hdc blo, 26 dc blo. ch 3 turn. 34 stitches
Row 3 Dc blo in next 26 dc, 4 hdc blo, 2 sc blo, 2 sl st blo, ch 1 turn. 34 stitches
Row 4 – 42 Repeat row 2-3. 34 stitches.
*Please note that this hat is very adjustable. As written it will fit a man 23-24” and if you stopped at row 40 then it will fit 22”-23” give or take. As long as you finish on a even row you will have a hat to fit all head sizes.*
Without breaking/cutting yarn, you will sl st or sc in the front loop only to the top. You are now ready to close the top.
Round 1 ch 2 (counts as a hdc), 2 hdc, hdc 2together, 3 hdc hdc 2together around sl in ch 2. 26 hdc
Round 2 ch2, hdc, hdc 2together, 2 hdc, 2together around sl st 19 hdc. Fasten off.
Weave in and close top.
Bottom of hat
Attach yarn, ch 1, then 84 sc around. no sl, just keep going for 4 rows.
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  1. Hi... Thank you for posting this beautiful pattern. I'm a fairly new crocheter... I'm having a problem with the term "(make sure to do dc in the hump of the ch) - by "hump" do you mean "in the back loop of the chain" ?
    Thanks in advance.


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