Free pattern: Claire’s crochet version wristers

Originally posted June 19, 20167:10 PM MST
Free pattern
Free pattern
Acquanetta Ferguson
I was requested to try my hand at Claire’s wristers she wears in season 1 of Outlander. Apparently the knitwear is very popular, and another star of the show. There are tons of these wristers for the knitters but when searching for a crochet version that was similar I wasn’t able to find any patterns, so I came up with this version, which is the 3rd attempt at trying to come as close as possible. These are not gloves; however you should be able to add a gusset or a hole to make these into gloves.
You will need one full skein with a little bit of another skein.
Depending on your skill level, total hours is approximately 3-4 hours.
H hook
Bernat Sheep(ish) (1 full skein, and a small part of another skein)
Tapestry needle
Stitches used:
Double Crochet - dc
Half Double Crochet - hdc
Front Post Double Crochet - fpdc
Back Post Double Crochet - bpdc
Front Post Treble Crochet - fptc
Single Crochet - sc
Stitches - st
Ch 2 always counts as a DC
With the H hook, chain 13
Row 1 Dc in the 3rd chain from hook, and dc to the end. Turn. (12 dc)
Row 2 Ch 2, bpdc, dc in next st, bpdc in next 6 sts dc in next st, dc in next st, bpdc in next st, then dc in last st. Turn (4 dc, 8 bpdc).
Row 3 Ch 2, fpdc in the bpdc in prior row, dc in next st, sk 3 sts, fptc in next 3 sts, 3 fptc in skipped sts, dc in next st, fpdc in next st, dc in last st (4 dc, 2 fpdc, 6 fptc).
Row 4 Ch 2, bpdc in fpdc in prior row, dc in next st, bpdc in next 6 sts, dc in next st, bpdc in next st, dc in last st. Turn (4 dc, 8 bpdc).
Row 5 - 19 repeat 3 and 4.
Whipstitch cuff together.
Round 1 Ch 1 (counts as sc) then sc evenly over cuff for 21 sts. Sl st in ch 1.
Round 2 Ch 1 (counts as first st), hdc around for a total of 21 sts. At this point you will just keep going around.
Round 3 - 15 Hdc around. (21 hdc)
Round 16 *Hdc in next 4 sts, 2 hdc in next st* repeat around. (38 hdc)
Round 17 - 19 Hdc around. (38 hdc)
Round 20 Sc around and sl st. (38 sc).
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