Crochet pattern: The Madisyn slouchy hat

Originally posted July 31, 201211:28 PM MST
  • Images of the hat
Images of the hat
Acquanetta Ferguson
Whether you are a designer or crochet enthusiast, every crocheter should have in their arsenal a crochet stitch encyclopedia or dictionary. Why? Well for one it is always good to reference, but for a designer or even beginner, it is a good way to try a different stitch and practice it.
I currently own Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia that offers up 300 stitches to work with. Some of the stiches are the basics, but some are just interesting enough that the designer in me is itching to try.
One such stitch that caught my eye is the extended single crochet. It takes the simple single crochet (which can sometimes get a bit boring) and gives your work a visual appeal. The extended single crochet looks similar to a half-double crochet, but it is done differently giving it that extended look.
I came up with a pattern that is easily adjustable and anyone should be able to make their own custom fit hat. For this pattern as written, I’d suggest a person with a head size between 20.5” and 22”. If your head is smaller, either a smaller hook, or take a tape measure, and measure your head for your exact measurements and just make sure to crochet the appropriate odd number of stitches. For a larger head, a bigger hook or exact measurement of head and apply the same technique.
The yarn I worked with is a lovely DK yarn that I purchased at Big Lots. Unfortunately, by the time this yarn gets to the store it is never to be seen again, so I apologize for this particular yarn not being readily available. But since it is a DK yarn (size 3), any comparable yarn should be fine.
There is no gauge given, because this is a customizable hat, but I suggest that you crochet loose, and that you choose yarn that has a nice drape. Now if you are using a worsted weight yarn, then something like Caron Simply Soft would be perfect. Just keep in mind that a worsted weight yarn is bigger, so you will have to go by your measurements instead of going by mine.
Please do not post this pattern on your website or take it as your own. I ask that you instead link to my page, which will help with internet karma. Mainly yours.
I used a Gala Mixed Fiber yarn, but the closest equivalent would be a DK yarn which is a size 3 in yarn weight. Think baby yarn if you will. Depending on the ounces, I used 2 1.76 ounce skeins. But Caron Simply Soft could work as well. I would not recommend Red Heart Super Saver because a yarn with good drape would work best here.
G Hook
Stitches and terms
  • Single Crochet – SC
  • Single Crochet Decrease - scdec
  • Extended Single Crochet – esc (please review here)
  • Extended Single Crochet Decrease – escdec (please review here)
  • Slip Stitch – sl st
  • Stitch – st
  • Skip - sk
With G hook ch 9
Row 1 8 sc across ch 1 turn.
Row 2 - 81 8 sc in blo , ch 1 turn.
When you complete the last row, do not fasten off. Instead place the two ends together of the band and sc across. Make sure to flip the band right side out, so the sc part does not show. Ch 1, then 81 sc across the band and sl st into sc.
Round 1 Ch 3 (counts as esc and ch-1) esc in 3rd st, ch 1, sk a st, esc ch1 in nxt st, repeat around.
Round 2 Esc in 2nd ch from previous round, *ch1, sk nxt esc, esc in nxt ch1*, repeat from* around.
Keep repeating round 2 going until the hat measures 10"
Decrease section
Round 1 Esc in each esc, there are no more ch 1. This is the start of the decrease section.
Round 2 *1 esc, then 1 escdec* repeat from *around.
Round 3 Repeat round 2
Round 4 Repeat round 2
Last part is closing the hat
Round 1 sl st in last esc st made, ch1, sc around in all esc st
Round 2 Scdec in each st
Now close up top
To close the top, I went here, where she shows you how to achieve that gathered look at the top. Once complete, weave in all ends and fasten off.


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