Textured crochet beanie pattern

Originally posted November 8, 20126:30 PM MST
When it comes to crochet, the basic stitches are what a lot of people gravitate towards and even designers will fall back on the tried and true basics to give the masses what they want.
Textured crochet beanie
Acquanetta Ferguson
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But sometimes these types of stitches can get boring, no matter what you are making and for those who want more out of their crochet project jump on patterns that use the basic stitches but in new and exciting ways.

Here are a few examples from Ravelry that are quite popular based on the number of likes and queued up projects that take advantage of the basic stitches:

What I have set out to create with this newest pattern was to try the basic stitches in a new and exciting way and turned to my stitch book. This beanie is a very trendy beanie with a textured stitch that is visually stunning with only using two basic stitches to create a unique design. It can even be reversed. It also features an extra wide band.

Please do not post this pattern on your website or take it as your own. I ask that you instead link to my page, which will help with internet karma. Please note you can use this pattern for personal use and sell what you make. I only ask that you credit me as the pattern creator and link to this article. Thank you.

  • K Hook
  • Red Heart Love in Chocolate or color of your choice
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
Stitches uses:
  • Chain – ch
  • Slip Stitch – sl st
  • Single crochet – sc
  • Half double crochet – hdc
  • Back loop only – blo
First we do the band: Ch 15
Row 1 Sc in second ch from hook and across to the end, ch 1 turn (14 sc)
Row 2 Sc in blo across to the end, ch 1 turn (14 sc)
Rows 3-57 repeat row 2. Do not fasten off.
Take the band and sc it together. Now turn the band inside out. You are now ready to work on the hat.
Round 1 Ch 2 counts as first hdc, then 57 hdc around, sl st and ch 1. (after this round you will no longer sl st, just keep going) (58 hdc)
*At this point use of markers is recommended. Place one at the start of round 2*
Round 2 Ch 1 and do a *hdc in the next st, a sl st in next st*, repeat from * until you get to the marker. (move the marker if you need to)
*From Round 3 until the decrease section, this is where you will just repeat the pattern*
Rounds 3 *Sl st in next hdc from previous round, then hdc in sl st from previous round* repeat from * until you get to the end.
Round 4 -10 You will repeat round 2 and 3
*Now it is time for the decrease rounds*
Round 11 *Pull up a loop in hdc, skip sl st, pull up a loop in hdc, pull throuh 2 loops on hook (sl st decrease made), hdc made in nex sl st, sl st in hdc, hdc in sl st* repeat from * to end
Round 12 *Sl st decrease, hdc made in next sl st, sl st in hdc, hdc in sl st* repeat from * to end
Round 13 sl st decrease around and just keep going until you close the top.
Now you can keep the hat as is or embellish with a pom-pom, a flower and even earflaps to make this hat truly your own.


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