The Gleeful hat – free crochet pattern

Originally posted December 17, 20128:33 PM MST

With the holidays in full swing, you are probably in need of some last minute gift giving ideas. Lucky for you, this pattern is not only quick and very easy; it is quite stylish with a girly flair.
My version and the nordstrom version
Acquanetta Ferguson,
I came up with this pattern after watching an episode ofGlee (season 4, episode 10) where Britney is shown wearing a very cute beanie. Well I had to get a closer look at it, and lo and behold, I was able to find it. It is a hat from Nordstrom’s and in honor of such a lovely hat it is named after the episode I saw it in.
Disclaimer: While I am the original designer, this is my take on the hat, therefore this version is mine. You can sell anything you make from this pattern. However I ask that you credit me as the pattern creator of this version of the hat. Please do not post the pattern on your site, instead I ask that you post a link. Thank you.
  • I used Caron Dazzelaire bulky yarn (5) however any bulky yarn should do. You can use a worsted weight; however, you will have to make adjustments (more increases and/or larger hook).
  • I hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Marker (optional)
Stitched uses:
  • Treble crochet – trc
  • Slip stitch – sl st
  • Single crochet - sc
Special stitch:
Camel Stitch – Do a normal Treble and instead of inserting the hook through the normal loops, you want to turn the stitch towards you, where you will see one more loop. That is where you will insert your hook. Doing this produces the ridge-like effect.
Magic circle or chain 4, sl st to form a circle. Please note that this hat is seamless (well the body of the hat) and will just continue around. You may want to use markers for the beginning round to keep count.
Round 1 Ch 4 (will count as a tr) and do a total of 11 trc in the ring. (12 trc)
Round 2 (Here and throughout the hat is where you utilize the camel stitch) 2 trc in each stitch around. (24 trc)
Round 3 *2 trc in the first stitch, 1 trc in the next stitch*, repeat from * all the way around. (36 trc)
Round 4 *2 trc in the first stitch, 1 trc in the next 2 stitches*, repeat from * all the way around. (48 trc)
Round 5 – 9 1 trc in each stitch around. (48 trc)
On round 9, make sure to sl st on the last trc. Add new color.
Round 10 Ch 1, sc around in each stitch. Sl st in first sc. Fasten off.
Optional Bow:
Chain 16
Row 1 - HDC in 2nd ch from hook and across. Ch 1, turn. 15 hdc
Row 2 - HDC across. Ch 1, turn. 15 hdc
Row 3 – 4 repeat row 2. Fasten off and add new color.
Sc around and fasten off. Take some of the yarn and wrap it around the middle of the bow tie making sure to be centered and making sure you leave a long tail. Add the bow tie to the hat.


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