12 days of DIY crochet gifts to make: Day 2- thick and chunky cowl

Originally posted December 3, 20137:33 PM MST
12 days of DIY crochet gifts to make: Day 2- thick and chunky cowl
12 days of DIY crochet gifts to make: Day 2- thick and chunky cowl
Acquanetta Ferguson
Day 2 of the 12 days of DIY gifts to make presents a thick and chunky cowl that is not only quick to make, but is apparently all the rage this holiday season.
All you will need is two skeins of super bulky yarn (6) and a Q hook, and you are ready to make your friends and loved ones fashionably relevant with this simple pattern.
A note on super bulky #6 yarn. Not all yarn is created equal. When yarn shopping be careful of the Bernat Softee Chunkee brand yarn. Even though it says it is a Super Bulky #6, it is actually more like 5.5 in between a regular bulky #5 yarn and super bulky. I suggest you use Lion Brand’s Hometown USA or Lion Brand’s Wool-ese to achieve results. Possibly another equivalent to a super bulky is possibly using 3 strands of worsted weight yarn or using a chunky #5 with a worsted weight.
In my example, I used two colors, because I only had two colors when I created this, and it actually works quite well. You don’t have to have two different colors as one color will work just as well.
Please do not post this pattern on your website or take it as your own. I ask that you instead link to my page, which will help with internet karma. Please note you can use this pattern for personal use and sell what you make. I only ask that you credit me as the pattern creator and link to this article. Thank you.
2 skeins of Lion Brand Hometown or your choice of super bulky yarn
Q hook
Tapestry needle
Stitches used:
Half double crochet – hdc
Slip stitch – sl st
Special Stitch: Camel Stitch – Do a normal HDC and instead of inserting the hook through the normal loops, you want to turn the stitch towards you, where you will see one more loop. That is where you will insert your hook
With Q hook chain 34, slip stitch to make a circle, being careful not to twist the chain.
Round 1 Ch 1 counts as your first hdc, hdc in next stitch, all the way around. 34 hdc (please note after round 1, you will just keep going without slip stitching after each round, until you are ready to change color, when you will sl st to finish off color A, and add color B) Use stitch markers if you need to.
Round 2 Hdc around using the special stich per above. 34 hdc
Round 3-9 repeat (if you are changing colors this is where I ran out of yarn.)
If not changing colors, then keep going until you get to round 18.
From round 10 until round 18, do the same camel stitch, and sl st finish off. Weave in ends.
This cowl is also a hood, so it is very versatile.


  1. Just made one of these up as a gift. I had never used a camel stitch but thanks to you and youtube I figured it out. THIS IS THE COZIEST THING EVER!!! Seriously in love with this pattern, making myself one next and both my step daughters want one as well. I even tossed it on my bf when I finished as he was the only one around and it looked good on him too. Prior to putting on him thought it would be a bit feminine for his liking, not the case, he wants one also. Thanks so much for this quick, easy, cozy, and awesome project.

    1. lol awesome! I am so glad you were able to learn a new stitch and have a go to pattern. :) Thank you again for the kind words!

  2. I just followed this to make a neck warmer/cowl with two skeins of Jumbo weight yarn, and I chained 40 because I think I had a different pattern of yours open. Thanks for this beautiful idea! My mother thought I had knitted it because of how it turned out, I will be making more I'm sure!


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