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I was inspired by the Caron Cakes yarn. I wanted to do a single stitch; however, that is sometimes a slow process. So I decided to try the wrapped single crochet. This worked up quickly and the beanie has an urban appeal.

The hat should fit 20-22 inches. Just a quick note. Since Caron Cakes yarn transition abruptly, I opted to cut to the next transition so that the color change is more universal.

Pattern is written in US crochet terms. This pattern gives you PERMISSION TO SELL your finished items. It is appreciated if you credit the design to Acquanetta Ferguson and to list the pattern link.

9 wsc = 2"
6 rows = 2"

K Hook
Cake Yarn. Sample shown in the pic is Jellyroll

Stitches used:
Slip Stitch - sl st
Single Crochet – sc
Back Loop Only – blo

Special Stitch: Wrapped Single Crochet – wsc
Special definition for the wsc: Wrap yarn around hook. Insert hook into st. Complete single crochet normally, making sure to hold the wrapped yarn in place while working your sc. Not sure on the directions? Here is an example of how to do this stitch.

With K hook, chain 9.

Row 1 Sl st in 2nd ch from hook and all the way to the end. Ch 1 turn. 8 sl st
Row 2 Sl st across in blo. Ch 1 turn. 8 sl st.
Row 3 Repeat round 2 until the band measure 17 inches unstretched or desired length.
(If not comfortable with sl st then sc in blo for the band)
Fold together and sl st or sc together. Turn inside out so that the seam is inside the hat.

Round 1 Ch 1, then sc 77 around the band. Don’t sl st as you will continue to go around. 78 sc
Round 2 From this round on, you will be doing the wsc. Please review the special instructions and video. 78 wsc
Round 3 This round until the end you will go in the blo. 78 wsc

Keep going until the hat measures 10.5 inches.

You will close the top using this method:

Turn hat inside out. Place hook currently at top, back center of hat. Keeping loop on hook, insert hook into top, center front of hat, yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook (sc complete). Pinch side edges to the same center point and sc the edges together (by inserting hook through both thicknesses and completing an sc). The top of the hat will now be in a star formation. Continue to pinch opposite edges and sc them together until top of hat is completely closed. Turn right side out and fasten off. Weave in ends. Add pom pom to complete.

Need a visual? Here is video showing exactly how to close.

An original Olive + Brook design!


  1. i Just bought CC yarn for this hat - I can't wait!!!! Looks so amazing! You are so talented - thank you for the free pattern!!!!

  2. your instructions for the wrap sc (wsc) go only so far and the tutorial on youtube is not available- after you finish the normal sc you still have the wrap stitch on the hook- what do you do with it? I tried to find other tutorials, but they talk about either going around a post or back two sts. As you can see I am new to crochet- I am trying to learn because at 75 I suddenly have alopecia and I am losing all my hair- please reply to my email thank you


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