Treble Granny Poncho

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If you look through my patterns, I have mainly hats and other accessories, because that is what I know. I don’t have garments because I never could wrap my brain around how clothing works. I never took home economics, and I never was taught anything about sewing from my Grandma or mother. This was the 80’s, where almost everybody took some form of home ec during this time. I am not even sure if it still taught in school, but I can say I was always bummed about not taking it in high school.

While I taught myself to crochet when I was 16 from a  library book, it has taken me this long to finally figure out my first piece of clothing. It has taken 3 tries, but I finally could wrap my brain around a poncho. I will be featuring more items like this, but of course made in the way I understand. YouTube definitely helps when I can’t picture something.

This pattern uses 2 Caron Cakes, but you could use any worsted weight yarn that is similar to Caron Cakes. It is a simple design, but the color of the yarn is what I think makes it special. I’ve also included pictures in case you need a visual for the construction of the 4 squares.

This should work up quickly. By the way, I was able to get 3 squares from one cake.

Pattern is written in US crochet terms. This pattern gives you PERMISSION TO SELL your finished items. It is appreciated if you credit the design to Acquanetta Ferguson (Olive + Brook ) and to list the pattern link.


I hook
2 Caron Cakes in your choice of color. In the picture, I used Lilac Frosting

No gauge is given because this poncho can be made for any size.


Double Crochet - dc
Treble Crochet - tc
Single Crochet - sc
Single Crochet Together - sctog
Half Double Crochet - hdc

Make 4 squares at approximately 16’ x 16’ or a size much more to your liking. All ch 4 count as a Treble Crochet. The ch 3 counts as a Double crochet. Now if you want, you use your own square pattern. What I have here is a basic granny but in a treble stitch. This pattern really is user-friendly.

With I hook chain 4.

Round 1 Sl st to form a circle. Ch 3, 2dc ch-1, 3dc ch-1, 3dc ch-1, 3dc ch-1. You will have 4 3dc ch-1 clusters. Instead of sl st into 3rd chain of the hook, you will actual hdc in that chain. Please see pic.

Round 2 Ch 4, 2tc in hdc space (see pic of what you should have at this point), ch-1, 3tc ch-1 3tc in the corner, ch-1, 3tc ch-1 3tc in next corner, do this until you get to chain 4. Hdc in the top of ch 4. Review pic.

Round 3 Ch 4, 2tc in hdc space, ch-1, 3tc in space, ch-1, 3tc ch-1 3tc in next corner, 3tc in next space, repeat around until you get back to the chain 4. Hdc in top of ch 4.

For rounds 4-10 you will just increase by doing 3tc in each space, 3tc ch-1 3tc in each corner. Fasten off at round 10. Also for each corner that you end, always do an hdc in top of ch 4. Complete 4 of these squares.

The pic below shows how you will construct your poncho. For me, I wanted a design element added by doing a sc for each square vs. whip stitching as it adds a nice 3-d effect. But you can do whatever method works for you to construct your poncho.

Once you put three of the squares together, this next picture will show you how to place the 4th square. Make sure you leave a neck opening otherwise you will have a blanket.

Once the poncho has been sewn together, you will now work 4 rounds of the same pattern for each of the squares.

You will start on a corner.  Sl st into the corner, ch 4, 2tc,  3tc in space, ch-1 around until you get to the second corner. 3tc ch-1 3tc in this corner, 3tc in space, ch-1 around until you get to the first corner with ch4 2tc, you will then do 3tc then hdc in the top of ch 4. Just continue the pattern. Remember there are only 2 corners.

The very last thing is adding 2 rounds of sc for the collar. Sl st to join yarn, ch 1, then sc in each tc and ch-1 space around until you get to the v. In this section you will sctog (see pics), sc around to next v, you will sctog. Sl st in sc from 1st round and repeat the for the pattern. Fasten off.

 And there you have it, your very own poncho to show off your Caron Cake yarn. Enjoy.


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