Free: Tardis chart for beanie or crochet square

Originally posted March 10, 2012 2:21 PM MST
Tardis chart for beanie or crochet square
Tardis chart for beanie or crochet square
Acquanetta Ferguson
Crocheting from a chart can achieve wonderful results, but can also be a bit off-putting if you have never attempted this fun and rewarding way to crochet.
Tardis crochet chart
Acquanetta Ferguson
If making a square, the chart would be crocheted from the bottom up, with a right side and a wrong side and counted. The chart is 20x20 and would all be done in single crochet, though you can go the route of doing half double crochet or even double crochet, but it will be a bigger piece.
If making a beanie, well the chart is flipped over and worked from the bottom up, but remember when the hat is finished, the item you’ve crocheted will be right-side up.
For the Tardis, when I initially crocheted a beanie using the chart, I forgot to reverse one of the windows, but it has since been corrected. Both charts, the regular and flipped one, can be downloaded and saved as a jpeg to your computer and then printed out if needed. Just click on the pictures.
Disclaimer: Please link to my page, instead of claiming this as your own. Of course you can sell anything you make from the charts.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask.


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