Free pattern: Large block afghan

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Free pattern
Free pattern
Acquanetta Ferguson
The inspiration for this blanket was from Design Seeds. With the color ideas presented, you can come up with many color combos. You only need one skein for each color which is economical in the long run for other projects or another blanket. You don’t have to use as many, you can use less or more.
There are 12 large blocks. Each block has a border. Then a strip is made of 4 blocks, in which there will be three four block strips that will be sewn together to create one large blanket. The last thing is to dc around once, then sc to finish off the look.
Depending on your skill level, total hours is approximately 10-15 hours.
J hook
H hook
Any worsted weight yarn (I used both Joann’s Big Twist and Red Heart Super Saver in contrasting colors)
Light Grey
Real Teal
Honey Dew
Charcoal Grey
Tapestry needle
Stitches used:
Double Crochet - dc
Single Crochet - sc
With the J hook, chain 41.
Row 1 Dc in the 3rd chain from hook, and dc to the end. Turn.
Row 2 Chainless dc, then dc to the end. Turn. (If you are unable to do a chainless dc, then ch 2 instead)
Row 3-20 Repeat row 3.
Make a total of 12 blocks.
With the H hook and the top of the block, chain 3, then dc to end, and in each corner, do 3 dc, then dc evenly on the side or 2 dc in every other stitch to make it even, and again when you get to the end of the first side, just 3 dc in the corner. Do this until you dc around to the ch 3 and sl st in top of it. Fasten off.
Do this for all 12 blocks.
Now take the first two blocks and make sure you have the wrong side showing and sl st (or if your prefer whip stitch) the blocks together. Add the other blocks until you have a 4 block strip. Repeat this twice more.
There should be three 4-block strips.
Take two strips and make sure you have the wrong side of the strips showing and sl st (or whip stitch) them together and then add the third one.
With the H hook, and the right side of the blanket facing you, ch 3 and dc the top of the blanket until you get to the corner. For each corner, you will do (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc). Go all the way around until you get back to the ch 3 and sl st in top of it. Now ch 1 and sc, repeating the same steps in the corners (2 sc, ch 1, 2 sc) and go all the way around. Sl st and fasten off. Weave in any ends.
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